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Permanent Status
Temporary Worker


Processing fee for principal applicant and each accompanying family member is to be paid along with the application. This fee is not refunded if your application is not approved. The application for immigration is not considered by the visa official until the processing fee is paid. A right of landing fee (ROLF) for each adult in the family is also to be paid, which is refundable if you are not accepted or if you do not land in Canada. Payment of the ROLF may be deferred, but it must be paid before a visa is issued. Generally, an applicant is required to attend an interview or provide more documentation.

Category of applicant Currency


Skilled Worker/Family Class Principal applicant 500
Entrepreneur, Self-Employed and Investor Principal applicant 1000
Each accompanying dependent 19 and over, Accompanying Spouse 500
Each accompanying dependent under 19 years old 100
* Right of Landing Fee 975 
 Fees are payable to the Quebec government as follows:
Category of applicant Currency
* The Right of Landing Fee (ROLF) is payable after immigration is approved. ROLF is refundable even after visa is issued.  CAD$




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