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Get the answers to your Frequently Asked Questions:
Permanent Status
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Frequently Asked Questions: General Inquiries

1. General Inquiries

1.1 What are the benefits of Canadian Immigrant Visa?
1.2 What is an Employment Authorization?
1.3 What is the change in Canadian Immigration Regulation?
1.4 What are the benefits of using an immigration councilor?
1.5 How do I retain Bridge2Canada to represent me?
2. Eligibility and Qualifications
2.1 Who qualifies for an Immigrant Visa?
2.2 Who can I include in my application for an Immigrant Visa?
2.3 How do I find out if I qualify for immigration to Canada?

3. Government Fees

3.1 Does the Canadian government charge a fee for submitting a permanent resident application?
3.2 When do I pay government fees?
3.3. What is the currency of these government fees?
3.4 What is the Right of Landing Fee (ROLF)?
3.5 Are there any other fees or costs?

4. The Application Process

4.1 Can I apply to a Canadian visa office, which is not responsible for the area in which I reside?
4.2 What documents should be submitted in support of my application for permanent residence?
4.3 When must I submit the supporting documentation?
4.4 In what language must my supporting documentation be submitted?
4.5 Can I transfer my application to a different visa office after it has been submitted?
4.6 How long does the immigration process take?

5. Selection Interviews/Waivers

5.1 Will I be interviewed by an immigration officer?
5.2 What is a security interview?
5.3 When is the selection interview held?
5.4 Is there anything I can do to obtain an interview waiver?

6. Medical Examinations

6.1 Will I have to take a medical exam?
6.2 Will my application be rejected if I have a certain disease or disorder?
6.3 If I am pregnant, will I still have to undergo the medical examination?
6.4 Can my dependents undergo the medical examination in another country?
6.5 Will my non-accompanying dependents be required to complete medical examinations?
6.6 Validity of the medical exam:

7. Security Clearance

7.1 What is a police clearance?
7.2 When must I submit the police clearance?

8. Skilled Worker Applications

8.1 Am I required to have a certain amount of assets?
8.3 Will my application benefit if I have a close relative in Canada?
8.4 Is work experience a requirement?
8.5 Must the experience have been accumulated on a full-time basis? Must it have been accumulated continuously?
8.6 How is experience in a previous or current occupation evaluated when that occupation differs from the applicant's intended occupation in Canada?
8.7 Is credit given for experience gained during post-secondary studies?
8.8 Must I have a Canadian offer of employment to qualify as a Skilled Worker?
8.9 Can I apply if I do not yet have the required minimum work experience?

9. Business Class Applications

9.1 What is the Business Immigration Program?
9.2 What documents must Business Immigration Program applicants submit?
9.3 As a Business Immigration Program Applicant, am I required to live in the province, which I originally indicated as my intended destination?
9.4 How can I qualify as an Immigrant Investor?
9.5 How Can I, as an Immigrant Investor, prove that I earned my minimum net worth “by my own endeavors”?
9.6 As an Immigrant Investor, will I be obliged to work and/or engage in business activities in Canada?
9.7 When do I, as an Immigrant Investor, commit my investment amount?
9.8 What happens to my investment amount if my Immigrant Investor application is refused?
9.09 How can I qualify as an Immigrant Entrepreneur?
9.10 Are there any minimum net worth requirements for Immigrant Entrepreneurs?
9.11 What are the terms and conditions of the Entrepreneur Visa?
9.12 Must I, as an Immigrant Entrepreneur applicant, make an exploratory visit to Canada during the immigration process?
9.13 Must I, as an Immigrant Entrepreneur applicant, submit a detailed business plan?
9.14 As an Immigrant Entrepreneur, will I be permitted to change my business plan?
9.15 How can I qualify as a Self-Employed Immigrant?
9.16 Must I, as a Self-Employed Immigrant, make an exploratory visit to Canada during the immigration process?

10. Family Class Applications

10.1 Who qualifies for immigration under the Family Class?
10.2 Who can be included in a Family Class application?
10.3 Who qualifies as a "Dependent Child"?
10.4 What if the dependents will not accompany the Family Class applicant to Canada?
10.5 What financial criteria must be satisfied to qualify as a sponsor?
10.6 What does "Essential Needs" mean?
10.7 What if the sponsor does not have the requisite financial ability?
10.8 What other criteria must the sponsor satisfy?
10.9 As a sponsor, what obligations are there toward the government?
10.10 Can the "Undertaking to Assist a Member of the Family Class" be revoked or modified?
10.11 What if the sponsor does not fulfill the terms of the "Undertaking to Assist a Member of the Family Class"?
10.12 What other agreements must the sponsor enter into?
10.13 What documents must the sponsor submit?
10.14 What documents must the Family Class Immigrant submit?
10.15 Where is the Application to Sponsor submitted?
10.16 Where is the Family Class Immigrant's application submitted?
10.17 Are there circumstances that may allow a Family Class Immigrant to apply from within Canada?
10.18 Can a Family Class Immigrant work or study in Canada while the application is being processed?
10.19 Must Family Class Immigrants and Sponsors attend interviews with immigration officials?
10.20 How long will the entire sponsorship process take?

11. Landing as a Permanent Resident

11.1 Do I become a permanent resident of Canada as soon as my landing documents are issued?
11.2 How long can I wait to come to Canada after my Immigrant Visa is issued?
11.3 Can the expiry date on my Canadian Immigrant Visa be extended?
11.4 Must I land at or near the location I indicated as my intended destination on my application form?
11.5 What should I arrive with when I land in Canada?
11.6 When must my accompanying dependents land?

12. After Landing

12.1 Must I stay in Canada following landing?
12.2 When can Canadian Citizenship be obtained?
12.3 Does Permanent Residence status in Canada permit me to enter/work in the USA?
12.4 What is the job-market like in Canada?

13. Obtaining Canadian Citizenship

13.1 Once I obtain Canadian Permanent Resident status, how soon do I become eligible to apply for Canadian Citizenship?
13.2 Do I have to apply for Canadian Citizenship as soon as I am eligible?
13.3 What are some of the advantages of obtaining Canadian Citizenship?
13.5 Will time spent away from Canada be counted towards my Citizenship application?
13.6 Will Canadian Citizenship make me eligible to work in the USA, Mexico, or Chile?
13.7 As a Canadian citizen, am I required to obtain a Returning Resident Permit for absences from Canada?
13.8 Can I have dual Citizenship?
13.9 As a Canadian citizen, must I pay Canadian income tax on my worldwide income?

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