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Moving to a new country is not easy. The emotional trauma of relocation takes a heavy toll on not only the principal applicants, but the family members as well. But immigration need not be an unpleasant experience. A little planning up-front can minimize the pain. With a view to minimize the pain of settling down in a new country, we offer free advice to immigrants if their education and skills are adequate to make a good career in Canada. Some bridge courses or programs completed in India can make the landing easy for you and your family.

Lack of accommodation and uncertainty of jobs are two major sources stress on landing. Some groundwork prior to landing in Canada can be of immense benefit. Every immigrant is unique depending on his or her family circumstances. We at Bridge2Canada tailor packages to suit unique situation of each individual applicant.

We offer free advice to immigrants regarding their education and marketability of their skills and experience. Some bridge courses or programs completed in India can make the landing easier for you and your family. We will spend time with you to give advice based on our experience. This is absolutely free. Some of the services may have a nominal charge.

Those of you who are gainfully employed in your country of origin or The Middle East and need to complete your contract or have business needing more than one year that the Canadian visa allows may apply for returning resident permit. We process returning resident permit which allows you time to complete your business commitment or financial obligations or for completing children's education.

Majority of immigrants from India prefer to land at a place where job opportunities are good or where they have family or friends. Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa are the preferred destination. Toronto is the preferred destination due to better and vibrant economy, which translates into job opportunities, and large south Asian community makes adjustment for new immigrants easy.

Airport pick-up can be arranged at a nominal charge within Toronto and for destinations outside Toronto.

Chances are you will arrive after a long flight having crossed a number of time zones. The last thing you will want to do is start looking for accommodation. Arrange it before you arrive. Bed n Breakfasts or small-furnished apartments are generally ideal for new arrivals. Make a reservation for three to four weeks to give you time to find something more permanent.

In Canada, full-time employees work a 40-hour week. Saturday and Sunday are off for most occupations. By law you are entitled to 10 working days (2 weeks) paid holiday every year. Employees get longer vacations with length of service.

Good and regular jobs take time and the start-up jobs can help you sustain till you find job that matches your education and experience. Budget for at least three months without additional income. Expenses will obviously vary depending on the individual's circumstances.

Bridge2Canada can help you in finding a Start-up job which very often is not in your specific field. In the past applicants processed by our company have been able to find start-up jobs within a couple of weeks. Two persons working a 40 hour week can each earn approx. $1,500 each per month. That is adequate to manage a small family of four persons. Regular jobs can pay $40,000 to over $100,000 depending on the skills of individuals.

Many immigrants submit applications for assessment of their qualifications after they arrive only to discover that the Canadian professional body requires additional documentation and/or information from the home country of the immigrant. Licensing for most professions is important and adequate planning and research done prior to arrival in Canada could be of immense benefit.

Conduct extensive research for business opportunities before starting a business. The failure rate for new businesses in Canada is high and many new immigrants have been badly burnt by rushing into new ventures without first investigating the risks and implications. Bridge2Canada can advise you on business opportunities and help you find business.

Basic Health care in Canada is free for immigrants after a three months waiting period to eliminate people coming to Canada just to get free health care. Dental, Drugs, eye care products and some specialized services are not covered. Extended health care programs covering Dental, Drug and other coverage may be available through employers or insurance coverage may need to be purchased from health care companies. Consider having all the dental work done in your home country prior to coming to Canada. Even if you have no known problem, get an eye exam and a dental cleaning done prior to departing for Canada.

Your Indian drivers license or International drivers license is adequate and is valid in most provinces for a period of three months. Getting driver's license in Canada is important. It is not very difficult for people who have been driving for a while back home. It is definitely not as difficult as Oman, UAE, or Saudi driver's license. Many of us with years of driving experience may have failed driving tests in the Middle East, but most experienced drivers pass the Canadian driver's test in the first attempt.

Bring a letter from your insurance company showing a claim free record. Generally claim history for Indian drivers in India is good. This may offer you lower insurance rate.

The Canadian real estate market is complex and financing is available for real estate purchases. Many professional real estate agents of Indian origin are located in Canada. We will provide you with a list of real estate agents.


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