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Temporary Employment Eligibility Questionnaire

Please complete this Temporary Employment Questionnaire for a free evaluation of the particular circumstances of your proposed Canadian temporary work/employment arrangement.

If your browser does not support forms or if you experience any other difficulty in completing or sending this form, please contact us at

Part 1. Identity of Individual Completing Questionnaire:
Last Name:
First Name:
Sex:  Male
Email Address (please verify):
Telephone (optional):
I am:
a foreign individual seeking temporary entry into Canada;
a representative of a Canadian business or employer;
a representative of a foreign business or employer.
Part 2. Identity of Foreign Individual Seeking Temporary Entry into Canada:

Same as above. If the same, you need not complete the shaded sections.
Last Name:
First Name:
Sex:  Male
Email Address (a copy of the response may be sent to this address):
Citizen of:
Currently Resident in:
In the following text box, please paste a copy of the individual's curriculum vitae (resume, biodata), or provide a detailed account of the education and employment history:

Part 3. Identity of Canadian Business or Employer, or intended business activity:
Name of Canadian Business or Employer making the offer to the person identified in section 2 above:
Position Offered to Foreign Worker:
Duties of Position Being Offered: (please provide a synopsis of the expected duties for this position; if no offer exists from a Canadian business or employer, please detail the nature of your intended business visit)
Will the foreign individual be transferred from a foreign enterprise to a Canadian branch, affiliate, parent or subsidiary? (if "No", skip to part 5) Yes
Part 4. Identity of Affiliated Foreign Business or Employer:

Please complete this section only if the the current business or employer of the applicant is affiliated with the Canadian business or employer identified in section 3. 
Name of Affiliated Foreign Employer :
Current Position:
Duties at this Position: (please provide a synopsis of the present duties in this position)
Duration of Employment (total):
Part 5. Comments:

Please provide any additional relevant information regarding the particular circumstances of your proposed Canadian work/employment arrangement:

The results of this questionnaire will be sent to you by e-mail. Please ensure that the e-mail address you have provided is correct.



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