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Permanent Status
Temporary Worker


Skilled Worker/Family Class Assessment: This application for permanent resident status is for individuals possessing education and/or training in one of the occupations presently appearing on the General Occupations List, pre-arranged employment in Canada, or for those with close family members who are citizens or permanent residents of Canada.

General Information  
Last (Family) Name:
First (Given) Name:
Email Address: *
Please note: If this field is left blank or is incorrect, we will be unable to return your assessment result to you. Please provide only one email address, or addresses separated only by a comma followed by a space (, ).
Spouse's Name (if applicable):
If you have a spouse who is also employed, he/she should also complete an Assessment Form.

In the event that a representative of this firm needs to contact you, please provide a preferred telephone number. If you prefer not to be contacted, leave this field blank.

Sex: Male Marital Status: Single
Female Married

Separated: Number of years?
Relative Residing within Canada  
Relationship to closest relative (of yourself or your accompanying spouse) with citizenship or permanent residence in Canada, and who is resident therein: Parent
A sibling is a brother or sister •  Sibling
The brother or sister of your mother or father •  Aunt/Uncle
Son or daughter of a sibling •  Niece/Nephew (aged 19 years or older)
Not Applicable
If you have stated that you have a relative residing within Canada, please indicate the Province or Territory in which your relative is resident (if more than one, please select each):
Language Abilities  
Fluent: Very good command of the language in a range of social and work situations, and no difficulty communicating in a professional capacity.

Well: Can communicate reasonably well about personal and familiar things.

With difficulty: Command of just a few basic words.
Speak Fluently Well With Difficulty Not at all
Read: Fluently Well With Difficulty Not at all
Write: Fluently Well With Difficulty Not at all
Speak Fluently Well With Difficulty Not at all
Read: Fluently Well With Difficulty Not at all
Write: Fluently Well With Difficulty Not at all
Post Secondary Education  
Occupational History  
Comments (if you wish, you may paste a copy of your Curriculum Vitae here)

The assessment result will be sent to you by e-mail. Please make sure that the address you provided is correct.


An automated response acknowledging the receipt of your assessment will be emailed to the address you have indicated. If you do not receive this acknowledgement, then the address you provided above is invalid, and we will be unable to respond to you unless other means are provided.



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